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    • 我知道你會回來,所以我等

    • 我知道你會回來,所以我等

    • 美好的時光,大師講解隨行

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      Orange Guide is the audio guide platform with the top quality in China. We have creative producers who are both young and open-minded and professionally-generated content as well. And for distribution platforms, we choose Wechat and also some online traveling agencies, such as Ctrip, Qunar, Lvmama and Mafengwo, as well as a plenty of traditional location-based guides as our partners to provide convenient, superior and paid audio-guide services to our customers.This would help the formation of business model closed-loop which can connect millions of traditional and modern guides. At present, we cooperate with top-ranking scenic areas and our services are far ahead of both market share and favourable ratings.

      May.2017 Gaining the authorization of Beautiful China Archaeology Exhibition from capital museum
      Mar. 2017 We Established direct-selling collaboration with Ctrip, Meituan and other agencies.
      Mar. 2017 Average daily orders over 300 and good reviews share above 90%
      Jan.2017 The angel-round investment of professional entertainment investors closed
      Jan.2017Orange Guide Mini program acquired authorization from 20 5-star scenic areas, including Changdao County, the Summer Palace, Badaling Great Wall, Wuzhen, Sun yat-sen's mausoleum, etc.
      Jan.2017 Services for Badaling scenic spot, South Luogu Alley and Shichahai went online.

      Dec.2016 Orange guide Mini program took alpha test on Wechat.
      Oct2016 We Established direct-selling collaboration with Qunar and Lvmama.
      Sep2016 Orange Guide Shake function is tested on Wechat.
      Aug2016 Orange Guide co Ltd was set up



      This is the Meridian Gate. It’ s the front gate to the Imperial Palace. Every year at the winter solstice during the Ming and Qing dynasties, the Emperor would go to the Temple of Heaven to make ritual sacrifices. At the summer solstice, he would go to the Temple of Earth for a similar purpose; at the spring equinox, he conducted ceremonies at the Altar of the God of Agriculture. The Emperor always exited the palace through the Meridian Gate for these rites.

      我知道你會來 所以我等